LGR Path- Consultation Meeting


Lower Granton Road – Cycle Path Consultation Meeting 

Date: 07 March 2018, Wednesday
Time: 6.30pm (Tea/Coffee from 6.15pm)
Venue: Royston Wardieburn Community Centre, 8 Pilton Drive North, EH5 1NF

Further to our recent communication regarding the Lower Granton Cycle Path pre-consultation, we have received numerous responses and enquiries from local residents and interest groups including Wardie Bay Residents Association (WBRA) and Wardie Bay Beachwatch. GDCC realises that meaningful engagement with the relevant stakeholders is essential prior to formal consultation. In view of this, we have arranged a consultation meeting as above.

The aim of this meeting is to enable local residents to have their say on the proposed project plan. A senior project officer from the City of Edinburgh Council has kindly agreed to attend this meeting.
We welcome everyone who lives on Lower Granton Road and the wider Granton area, to come along and put forward their thoughts and ideas.
Limited places are available at the venue. Booking is required. To register online, here is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/AebnYnXww2TgeVsn2
For more information please contacts us via email: secretary@grantoncc.scot.

Useful documents :

Pre-consultation Questionnaire: PDF Document | Word Document

Consultation Summary Reports: 14 Lower Granton Road – Cycling and Walking Improvements (March 2017): PDF Document

Reports on Edinburgh Waterfront Promande Design Code: PDF Document

History of LGR – David Jamieson, Chair, Wardie Bay Residents Assoc: Click here