About G&DCC

The committee
Community Councillors are elected for a term of three years. Current committee of the Granton and District Community Council was formed in October 2016 which has x Community Councillors

Office Bearers (Elected on Oct 2017)

– Fred Marinello, Chair
– Mizan Rahman, Secretary                                    :
– Lorna Forsyth, Treasurer
– Suzanne Ebel (Minutes)                                                     :
– Jill  Taleyarkhan, Community Liaison Officer
– Donald Macdonald, Public Transport Officer
– Martyn Whyte, EACC Representative
– Heather Pugh, Councillor
– Frederick Hessler, Councillor
– Kashif Ather, Councillor

Nominated groups (and their representatives)

– Lloyds Langley

Associate and ex-officio members

Forth Ward Councillors (Surgery info)
– Councillor Eleanor Bird, SNP Group
– Councillor Jim Campbell, Conservative Group Whip
– Councillor Cammy Day, Leader, Labour Group
– Councillor George Gordon, SNP Group

MP and MSP (Surgery info )
– Deidre Brock is SNP MP for Edinburgh North & Leith
– Ben Macpherson, MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith